Make your wooden table from a wood planer

You have some wood from old unused furniture. Or you find some rough wood panels in your warehouse. But you do not know how to handle them. Why don’t you turn them into new, unique furniture?

I’ll reveal it to you right here. Use a wood planer to turn your discarded wooden boards into a new piece of furniture such as a table. So, how to make it? Discover how to make a table with a wood planer through this article.

What is a wood planer

Wood planers are a popular and indispensable tool for most carpentry lovers, especially for carpenters. On the market today, there are many wood planers with different sizes, shapes, and functions. Specifically, wood planers are divided into two basic types which are handheld planers which are the best wood planer for beginners. And the electric planer is the kind of planer used for professional workers. Because from the time it was manufactured, it has quickly replaced the hand planer by the advanced features such as the ability to plan quickly, accurately, … make everyone’s planing process easy and effective.

In my opinion, to create a wood table. You should use an electric planer. An electric planer will never plan more than 1/6 inch deep at a time. And it has the function of adjusting the depth using the front knob on the planer. In particular, most of them also come with a fence which helps ensure user safety.

How to use an electric planer

Using an electric planer is quite simple. You just need to make sure you follow all safety rules before starting to operate it. However, to plan the perfect wood, you also have to undergo long training time to improve your skills.

If you are new, read the instruction manual in the manual or watch some video tutorials on the internet to know. Then practice from the small boards first and then the long and thicker ones. To create more motivation, before you make a table you can start trying to make a small chair using an electric planer.

How to use a wood planer to make a table

Before doing so, make sure some of the following safety precautions

Make sure the wood you are trying to plan is dry. If you are using old wood in the warehouse, it can get wet, so always let it dry completely for a few weeks before trying to use your planer on it. You can use the best moisture meter to check exactly if the humidity is right.

After the wood has dried completely, Now you have to check whether the surface of the board has any obstacles such as nails. The inspection is very important to make sure the process is free of problems. If a planing machine runs through a board with nails it not only destroys the planer but also damages the board.

Next, clean the surface of the wood. You use a dry towel to remove any dirt or wood chips from the surface. To ensure that in the process of shaving the wood chips do not fly into the blade to damage the device.

Steps to make wooden tables from electric planers

Step 1: shape your wooden board. Sketch the image of the table in the size you want. Use a hand saw or a table saw to cut the boards into the dimensions you have measured. Use the ruler to measure the most accurate edges.

Step 2: Start planing from the four legs of the table. You can use a hand planer because these boards are not large.

Step 3: Now comes the most important and hardest step – planing the surface of the table. Firstly, Adjust the appropriate depth (depth adjustment button on the device), then plan slowly through the best wood planer. Keep shaving until you find that the tabletop is smooth and flat.

Step 4: After planing the table, continue to plan the other side of the table.

Step 5: After finishing all the parts of a table. Use a drill to attach the wood panels. Now a table is complete. You should apply a glossy paint to make your table becomes more beautiful and aesthetic.

Note: After finishing planing, remember to turn off the planer then put the machine on the ground or some surface to ensure safety.

In conclusion

How to make a wooden table with a planer is not too difficult, is it? If you are interested, Try making a table for yourself now. Besides creating tables, you can create several other items by following the above steps. Hope the article is helpful for you and thank you for reading through this article.

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