The production process of digital calipers

Today, measuring devices are commonly used in the industry due to the precise measurement of the product. So, does anyone know the manufacturing process of an electronic caliper? This article will present step by step the production of digital calipers such as assembly of measuring jaws, groove positions, nuts, sliders, etc. All details are assembled according to modern technology.

Production materials

There are several alloys used to manufacture calipers, but the most widely used material for making digital calipers is 440C stainless steel. This alloy material has the appropriate properties of strength and resistance to external impact, in addition to high stiffness and durability that makes the tape resistant to external forces. This stainless steel material is also more resistant to corrosion. It is more popular than its heat resistance against dents that reduce the impact of surfaces compared to other stainless steel alloys. This improves the durability of digital calipers.

Measurement functions

The measuring function of the electronic calipers requires the production to be accurate so that the measurement can give the most accurate readings. The measuring function and the main body of the caliper are manufactured according to a specific process of measuring the characteristics of the parts that require high precision, which requires the manufacturer to use high-quality materials such as stainless steel or which is not easily abrasive to produce. For other parts on the calipers, aluminum can be used to produce if those parts do not require high accuracy. This way of manufacturing can help save raw materials for manufacturers, but the details that need high accuracy are highly standardized. This makes the material of the function can be changed according to specifications without having to change other components.

The position of the groove

Caliper tape sections allow the gauge ruler to slip over the main body of the tape. Also, the basis of the measuring functions is formed by the grooves, which is important because it displays measurement results when sliding the jaws or disconnecting when the main parts of the ruler are subjected to a changing force other direction

The measurement function on the right

For a digital caliper to function correctly, the functions must be correctly connected. For the measuring function to accurately measure the object, the measuring surface of the function must lie at its base square with the main body. At the same time, to eliminate the factors that affect the process of assembling the measuring function, which wrongly commands the accurate measurement, it is necessary to fix the right primary measuring function right at the original square with the main body of the ruler. The other function is equipped with the surface of the jaw in contact with the fixed jaw. This way of assembling the measuring function becomes so easy that the two measuring functions can be connected most accurately.

The sensor pin connects to the measuring function to the spindle

Pin the sensor connected to the measuring function when moving the sensor system detects the movement and displays the results on the electronic screen of the calipers. Measurements show when the sensor pin is connected to the main body of the ruler and is fixed and assembled with the surface of the jaw perpendicular to the main body of the caliper functions with crucial details before the ruler is correctly connected.

Locking screw

A locking screw is used when fixing two measuring jaws to hold the measuring object firmly. This allows the screw to control the angles that hold the jaw surface attached to the main body and the two ruler functions. This can be done when measuring, moving the jaw to the side of the object, then screwing the screw to define the measuring function, and reading the measurement on the main screen of the caliper.

The slider connected to the measuring function

Digital calipers have two measurement functions parallel to each other. Sliders are mounted on the body of the ruler to move when measuring, one function is fixed at one end, and the other is fitted with a slider to move when measuring. Because the measuring function and the calipers are separately assembled, the angles between the surface of the measuring function and the main body of the ruler can be controlled.

In conclusion

In today’s article, I have shown you a comprehensive overview of the details, as well as the process of producing a digital caliper. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you to learn and know how to choose for yourself the best digital caliper.

What types of blackout curtains are popular on the market today?

In the early morning, you are awakened by sunlight. Or take a nap and the light is flooding the room, you will feel uncomfortable, right? Not to mention, many of the furniture in your house exposed to sunlight from the sun can be reduced longer. Even at the office, although this is a place where natural light is needed. But if too much is also not good, it causes feelings of fatigue, discomfort for employees and leads to reduced employee performance.

So how to solve this horizontal difficulty? Don’t worry, your problem is very simple to solve. Let’s equip your bedroom or office with the best Blackout Curtains. Unlike what you have thought before, curtains now have a wide variety of functions that not only serve as a decoration to make your living space more beautiful, curtains are also designed to meet other needs of customers such as soundproofing or thermal insulation. And especially shield the light from the sun for your living space too.

Therefore the choice of a curtain that can adjust the light into the room is indispensable. Currently, there are countless blackout curtains on the market. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore making it difficult for consumers to choose curtains appropriately.

Understanding that, In today’s article, I will discuss in detail about the advantages of each type of curtains that are popular today. I am sure that this information will help you gain useful experience in choosing the curtain that suits your family best. Are you curious? I don’t take much of your time anymore. Let’s start exploring.

The curtain of fabric material

the curtain of fabric material
the curtain of fabric materia

When it comes to the features of a curtain, the fabric curtain is the type of curtain that can meet the most. Therefore, If you want to choose a good blackout curtain with good thermal insulation, aesthetics, reasonable price, you should choose these high-class fabric curtains right away.

To choose the best fabric curtain, you need to note a few things:

Material: If you want to block 100%, you can choose a fabric with silicone covering. This material is also resistant to heat.  Or if you want to block light to about 80%, you can pick woven fabrics. This material is preferred by many families to put in areas such as the living room, the bedroom where not in the direction of sunlight. You can also take double-layer curtains, a thick layer of fabric and a thin layer of chiffon fabric for more flexible lighting control.

Colors: Do not choose a color that is too bright if you desire to block the light well. Besides,  if you place your curtain in a place where it is regularly exposed to sunlight and pick a dark fabric. You can choose the fabric curtain with motifs to make the room always fresh and vivid.

Vertical leaf curtain – office curtain

vertical leaf curtain
vertical leaf curtain

Vertical leaf curtains, also known as office curtains, are made up of vertical fabric leaves, which drop down in parallel with each other by a strong rope. The curtain can be flipped right and left 180 degrees, stretched to the side or both sides to help you easily adjust the appropriate light level for your room. The light resistance of the curtain is also quite high, almost absolute.

The blinds of the curtains are resilient, anti-creased, minimizing dust capture and easy to clean, aesthetically durable. Moreover, patterns, colors of vertical leaf curtains are also quite diverse, depending on preferences and ability to combine with the architecture in the room. Therefore, vertical leaf curtains are widely used in office spaces, living rooms, bedrooms, commercial centers, etc.

Folded curtain

folded curtain
folded curtain

Compare with all varieties of curtains on the market today, the rolling curtains tend to be more compact. It is considered that the rolling curtain as a kind of curtain has the best ability to prevent light from entering the room, especially the ability to insulate between the interior of the house with the outside air, and prevent cold air from outside to inside the room as well as limit the warmth from inside the room go out.

With the ability to prevent light as well as almost absolute insulation. Moreover, due to the nature of the roller curtains working as a curtain that fits snugly on the windowpane, you can roll up or down to help cover the entire door or partially block the light for the room. Besides, rolling curtains with a variety of colors, you can freely choose the colors according to your preferences as well as the overall room space. Due to advantages, rolling curtains are increasingly popular especially for offices in the workplace, high-class cafes, family living rooms, even bedrooms, large spaces of a tall building.

Wooden curtains


Wooden curtains bring a lot of anxieties for customers to choose from when it comes to the market. However, it quickly gained popularity from customers. Because wooden curtains in addition to light, heat resistance, wooden curtains also give the house a certain fit with indoor furniture, especially wooden houses, parquet floors and all wood furniture in the home

Wooden curtains are made from natural wood with many styles and colors.  So, the curtain is durable, not warped, easy to clean when there is dirt. In particular, wooden curtains bring luxury beauty, close to nature. Wooden curtains are suitable for a simple, rustic lifestyle that gives you a feeling of peace and coziness.

Roman curtains

roman curtains
roman curtains

Layered curtains are also a good choice when choosing an effective light curtain for the bedroom. When you drop the entire curtain, it will block the light to 100%. You can flexibly adjust the amount of light entering the room by opening the curtain. Then the layers of fabric will be stacked very neatly. However, its insulation is not as good as the rolling curtains.

In conclusion

I have finished the presentation on the outstanding features of the types of curtains available on the market today. Do you find the information above essential to you in choosing curtains for your family? If you are planning to purchase a curtain for your family, please consult the above options on your choice. Finally, I hope that my article is helpful to you. And thank you for taking the time to read through this article.